Funryde | UK's First Realtime, On-demand, Ridesharing Platform
Funryde is a realtime, on-demand, platform that matches ad-hoc riders who want to go somewhere, with everyday drivers who are willing to pick them up along the way.
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New Transport Option

Introducing a new technology-enabled, environmentally conscious, safe and social transport option, that does not add any new vehicles to the system and that help reduce traffic congestion.

Environmental, Social, and Safe

A strong sense of community and a spirit of sharing, and an environmental aim to help reduce the number of cars on the road. A venue to meet new people. Safe and monitored with ID and background checks.

Realtime Ridesharing Platform

UK's first realtime, on-demand, ridesharing platform for enjoyable and affordable travel within the city and beyond.

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Realtime On-demand Ridesharing Platform

No more multiple phone calls to arrange a simple pick up. No more waiting in the cold and rain not knowing when your ride is going to arrive. With our realtime, on-demand ridesharing platform, you get to request a ride when you want it, get matched up with a driver and see their real name, their photo, and how others rated them, you get to see them approaching on the screen, and you get to pay them once you reach your destination using the app itself.

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The sharing economy helps us access more while owning less. It helps us utilize existing resources more effectively, and collectively leave less impact on our planet. Sharing existed since the beginning of time. Technology helps make it available and safe.
Is the ridesharing model disruptive? Perhaps it is, but such are most inventions of real value. It is those very disruptions and innovations that keep advancing the way we live.
― Ammar Halabi, Funryde Founder & CEO

Our Supporters

We are a member of London Business School incubator programme

and a recipient of Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Founders Award

for the year 2013/2014


We are also sponsored by the UK Trade & Investment

through the Sirius Programme for the year 2014/2015